10 pristine destinations in Vietnam for you

Places not many people come to such as Y Ty, Dam Mon, Long Lanh pass, Nam Du island.. are not only suitable for exploring but also for resting tourism.

1. Nam Du Island - Kien Giang
Like other islands, Nam Du invites visitors with white, blue sea and cheap seafood. The archipelago has many beaches but the most outstanding and beautiful is Black Stone, a beach with many beautiful and colorful stones with many different patterns.

2. Long Lanh Pass - Lam Dong
The Long Lanh Pass also called Omega Pass in Lac Duong territory, is the Hoa Bien road linking Dalat and Nha Trang. Each time of the day, the Pass wears a different shirt. The most ideal time to explore the pass is from 5 – 6.30 am when the white mist will cover the whole mountain, making it both beautiful and real.

3. The Lagi Sea - Binh Thuan
Lagi Beach or Lagi town has a series of interesting highlights of the sea, nature, people and produce. The minus point is that the beaches here have quite strong waves. The plus point is that you can go to the fish market right in front of Lagi market or cross along a series of nearby landmarks such as Ta Cu, Ke Ga cape, Bird ledge…

4. Dam Mon - Khanh Hoa
Coming to Dam Mon, you will become the first person to catch the sun. In addition to this interesting point is the wonderful feeling of wandering around one of Vietnam's unique freshwater seaside streams.

5. Ly Son Island - Quang Ngai
Ly Son Island attracts visitors with a series of green tones from the sky, from the garlic fields, the blue sea and the cluster of coconut.

6. Van Phong bay - Nha Trang
As one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Van Phong Bay attracts visitors with white sand, blue sea and the world of coral or marine life.

7. Co To - Quang Ninh
Co To beach paradise welcomes visitors with blue sea, white sand and cheap seafood parties. The highlight of this sea is known quite a long time, but so far remains untouched.

8. Moc Chau - Son La
The land is like the beauty of upland girls welcoming you with immense grasslands, dairy cows in the sun, wildflowers that cover all over the hillsides.

9. Y Ty - Lao Cai
Located at an altitude of 2, 000m, Y Ty fascinates people with the town in the mist, the unique ancient houses, the roads hidden in the fog and the feeling of touching the hand to the clouds.

10. Cu Lao Cham
About 18 km from Cua Dai and Hoi An estuary, Cu Lao Cham shows up with its pristine beauty, dubbed the Maldives of Vietnam. In Cu Lao Cham, you will admire the beaches with straight coconut trees, enjoy scuba diving to see the coral reefs of Hon Dai, Hon Ba, and Yen islands, and learn about the life of fishermen at Lang Village.

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