National Park Vietnam is famous for caves like Huong Tich or Phong Nha Ke Bang. For those who admire stalactites, rock curtains and limestone pillars, Hua Ma is another cave to put on the must-see list. The cave was surveyed from 2003-2004 and opened for tourists in 2007. It also attracts tourists by its folklore.

Tourists explore Hua Ma Cave in Bac Kan Province

The cave is about 10 kilometers from Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan Province. It is also known as “Hanging Cave” as its mouth is halfway up a mountain at 350 meters above sea level. The cave is 700 meters long and its ceiling is about 50 meters high. From the mouth of the cave, visitors can look across Ba Be National Park to see the forest, lakes and winding Leng River.

The cavern’s ceilings are 50 meters high

Near the gated entrance to the cave, there are stratified layers of fossils and pottery artifacts from the Le Dynasty. Inside, stone pillars have been carved over millennia by the action of water.
Tourists explore Hua Ma Cave in Bac Kan Province

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