Airport pick up

Our rental vehicles are of different standards to fit your requirements and budget. It will either be brand new (purchased after the rental contract is signed) or a vehicle no more than three years old. The rental price is dependent upon the age of the vehicle. There have been many troubles to guests, who call a taxi for transferring from NoibaiAirport to Hanoi. Guests are sometimes charged too high or taken to wrong destinations. To avoid these troubles, please contact us. With experienced drivers, good cars and best services we will fulfill your requirements...

Rate (in $ US)

Itinerary Km 4-seat car 7-seat car 15-seat car 24-50 seat car
Hanoi- Noibai airport 1 way 23 28 39 55
Hue- Phubai airport 1 way 18 30 35 42
Danang- Danang airport 1 way 18 23 36 42
Nhatrang- Camranh airport 1 way 25 32 37 45
Hochiminh- Tansonnhat airport 1 way 20 28 35 40